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  BAN TỔ CHỨC KÌ THI TUYỂN TẬP ĐỀ THI HỌC SINH GIỎI KHU VỰC DUYÊN HẢI BẮC BỘ NĂM 2014 TIẾNG ANH 11  1 KỲ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI KHU VỰC DUYÊN HẢI VÀ ĐỒNG BẰNG BẮC BỘ NĂM HỌC 2013 - 2014 ĐỀ THI MÔN: TIẾNG ANH LỚP 11 Thời gian 180 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề)    Ngày thi: 19/04/2014 A. LISTENING: (15 pts)  Part 1: You will hear a lecturer talking about how to increase sales. Listen and choose the correct answer: A, B or C. (5 pts) 1. Retailers place popular items A. in the back of the store. B. near the front entrance. C. at the end of the aisle. 2. Carpet patterns are used to A. help shoppers feel comfortable. B. appeal to shoppers’ decorative sense. C. encourage shoppers to walk in certain directions. 3. Retailers can keep customers in the store longer by A. providing places to sit. B. keeping the doors closed. C. lowering the prices. 4. Music is used in stores to A. entertain customers. B. slow customers down. C. make customers shop faster. 5. The scent of vanilla has been used in A. ice cream shops. B. bakeries. C. clothing stores.  Part 2: You will hear a man and a woman talking about a community centre. Listen and fill in the gaps with the missing information. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A  NUMBER for each answer. (10 pts) Days Class/Activity Age Group Wednesday, Saturday (1). ……………………… Children, teens (2). ………………………. Tennis (3). ………………………. Tuesday, Thursday (4). ………………………. Children, teens, adults Friday Book club (5). ……………………. Membership fees: (6) $ ……………………… (individual) (7) $ ……………………… (family) ĐỀ SỐ 1  2 Located at 107 (8) …………………………… Street Parking is located (9) ……………………………. The Centre is closed on (10) ………………………….. B. PHONETICS: (5p)  Part 1. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others: (2.5p) 1. A. surgical B. surround C. surrender D. survival 2. A. opportunity B. menu C. attitude D. muscular 3. A. physical B. mythology C. rhythm D. psychology 4. A. apartheid B. thorough C. cathedral D. ethnic 5. A. exhausted B. cheetah C. rhinoceros D. alcoholic  .  Part 2. Find the word whose main stress is different from that of the others. (2.5 pts)   1. A. Admission B. requirement C. copyright D. vocational 2. A. representative B. satisfactory C. documentary D. deforestation 3. A. acquaintance B. government C. development D. interpret 4. A. misbehaviour B. generational C. disciplinary D. education 5. A. intensity B. apprentice C. attendance D. atmosphere   C. VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR (30 PTS)    Part 1. Choose the word/phrase that best completes each of the following sentences. (5pts)   1.   The new school complex cost _____ the city council had budgeted for. A. just twice as much as B. twice more by far than C. twice much more than D. almost twice as much as 2.   Larry _____ forgot where he’d left his keys. A. momentarily B. directly C. singularly D. shortly 3.   The Earth will be a planet where human beings, animals and plants live in peaceful _____. A. cooperation B. coordination C. corporation D. coexistence 4.   James could no longer bear the _____ surroundings of the decrepit old house. A. oppressive B. domineering C. pressing D. overbearing 5.   I find the idea of experimenting on animals _____. A. disagreeing B. objectionable C. distasteful D. objective 6.   He’s a bit timid and hasn’t yet _____ the courage to apply for the job. A. put on B. get off C. plucked up D. carried through 7.   Following the crime in Bradford High Street last Saturday afternoon, the police are checking  _____ anyone who was there at the time. A. in for B. up on C. out of D. over to 8.   According to a Government spokesman, further _____ in the public sector are to be expected. A. cutbacks B. breakdowns C. out-takes D. layouts 9.   Under the weather or not, Ashcroft _____ 2 mins 13.8 secs, almost a second faster than her winning time last year. A. set B. clocked C. gained D. took 10.   That judge is feared because she takes a hard _____ in the fight against drugs. A. line B. lane C. path D. rule  3 11.   He will be sued for _____ of contract if he does not do what he promised. A. fracture B. crack C. rupture D. breach 12.   You shouldn’t _____ into other’s people private lives. A. prowl B. prod C. proceed D. pry 13.   Some romantic novelists _____ out books with the same old formula every year. A. churn B. spill C. ladle D. pour 14.   Even the best medicines are not _____. A. infallible B. unfailing C. fail-proof D. falsified 15.   The dog was a little subdued yesterday, but she’s full of _____ this morning. A. sprouts B. beans C. chips D. berries 16.   There are a lot of crooked people in big cities. If you don’t want to be cheated, you’ll need to keep your _____ about you. A. mind B. wits C. head D. brain 17.   Just because we’ve had a good year, this does not mean that we cannot do better: we must not _____. A. have our head in the clouds B. bury our heads in the sand C. count our blessings D. rest on our laurels 18.   There’s nothing as cozy on a cold evening as the warm _____ of a fire. A. glare B. sparkle C. glow D. flame 19.   She seems to be angry with the whole world. She’s got a chip _____. A. on her shoulder B. in her bonnet C. under her hat D. between the ears 20.   How do you calculate the distance to the horizon? As a _____, it’s 7 miles + 1 mile per 100 ft above sea level. A. trick of the trade B. golden rule C. free hand D. rule of thumb  Part 2: Read the text, find the10 mistakes and correct them. You should indicate in which line the mistake is. (5 pts) Thirty years ago, the TV series UFO envisions 1999 as an era when space fighters were launched from submarines, the world was in threat from alien invaders -and everyone carried a slide rule in a holster on their belts. Even as the programme was being made, pocket calculators were coming onto the market. There was a lesson about the future: it will overtake your wildest imaginings. If you focus on what existing technologies will develop, you miss the real changes - and threats. This autumn sees the changeover between keyboards and mice to using the human voice to dictate directly onto the screen, and to command the computer. Wonderful, you may think. A cure for repetitive strain injure (RSI), caused by repeated physical actions. Except that it will not be. It will transfer RSI from the wrist to the throat. The voice box is a very delicate instrument and we are not used to speak all the time. Even 200 words (taking a little over a minute to say) leaves us clearing our throats and sipping a drink. There will be catastrophes unless we learn how to use our voices safe. Students who get up on the morning of an essay deadline to compose 4,000 words on a voice -operated computer could permanently damage their voices. Each new technological development tends to bring problems with it. Nobody had heard of RSI until word processors exploded onto the market. Long hours spent stare into a computer monitor led to complaints of eyestrain, backache and even worries about radiation leaks from the screen. Repetitive computer related tasks are such a common features of modern work that many companies are calling in ergonomic consultants to recommend ways to avoid RSI conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, a wrist condition commonly found in people who use keyboards.
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